Training materials for safe eco-driving of trolleybuses and hybrid buses now available

As part of the project outputs the ACTUATE partners are developing training concepts and materials for safe eco-driving of clean vehicles. These training materials enable other public transport operators to train their own drivers of clean vehicles in a tried and tested manner. The trainings for trolleybuses in Salzburg and the pilot-trainings for hybrid buses in Leipzig received very positive feedback from the participating drivers and produced very promising results regarding the energy optimisation of these two clean vehicle types. As part of the ACTUATE training sessions a before/after training comparison (without passengers) was conducted: here energy consumption was reduced on average by 20% for trolleybuses and 5% for hybrid buses. ACTUATE is now looking for interested public transport operators to test and validate the developed training concepts for safe eco-driving. For trolleybuses training materials are already available in Czech, German, Italian and Polish; training materials for hybrid buses are available in German. More language versions and training materials for trams and trolleybuses are currently being developed and will be available soon. If you’re...[more]


Driver Trainings in Leipzig (DE) off to a promising start

The ACTUATE partners LAB and LVB (Leipzig, Germany) have kicked-off their first training sessions for more energy-efficient and safe driving of their hybrid bus fleet. Just like in Salzburg, the partners from Leipzig have observed some promising results regarding the reduction of energy consumption. On average a five percent reduction of Diesel fuel consumption was observed, which is in line with the expected and desired outcome. In order to simulate real-world conditions, the practical part of the training takes place on existing network routes including all scheduled stops. Overall, the trainings have been receiving very positive feedback from the participating drivers.[more]


First ACTUATE Trainings in Salzburg (AT): Energy Savings up to 25% possible

As the first ACTUATE project partner, Salzburg AG held training sessions for more energy-efficient and safe driving of clean vehicles this week. During the last three days 36 trolleybus drivers have participated in the training already. Prior to these trainings all driving instructors and the executive staff holding a trolleybus license were trained as multiplicators. In total more than 300 drivers will be trained just in Salzburg. Together with the formal education on safety and technical issues of trolleybuses, the practical part of the training has been receiving very positive feedback from the participants. As a result of the training, inefficient driving habits were reduced and energy consumption went down by as much as 25%. Of course these results still need long-term validation, but the ACTUATE trainings are off to a very good start. [more]


Successful tram driver training in Criova (RO)

In order to further optimise the energy efficiency of its tram fleet, the Romanian City of Criova carried out a series of driver training sessions. Together with the implementation of an electronic system which monitors the energy consumption of each driver/tram along different parts of the network, the trainings were a great success. In combination with new chopper technology the trainings resulted in energy savings of up to 40%. Craivoa is currently seeking a solution in order to equip the rest of its tram fleet with the new monitoring systems. Click here for the complete case study on eltis.org. [more]


ACTUATE partners met for second time in Leipzig

The ACTUATE partners met for the second time from 5 to 6 December 2012 and discussed their concepts for safe eco-driving trainings against the background of defined minimum criteria for the trainings. The project partner Salzburg AG presented already its training material for safe eco-driving with trolleybuses and reported about test trainings with the future trainers. The partner Salzburg AG will be the first partner to train its drivers from –mid-January on. Furthermore, the evaluation concepts of the partners were presented during the meeting in Leipzig. These evaluation concepts will be aligned to make the results from each training site comparable and to ensure a broad joint evaluation basis for the impact of the trainings. Finally, the DEKRA Academy presented its defined job/qualification core profile for professional drivers that describes skills, knowledge and competencies needed to perform competently in the workplace and thus will be compatible with the European Qualification Framework (EQF). This core profile was developed for the freight sector within the EU project "Professional driving - more than just driving!: Qualification requirements and vocational training...[more]


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Kick Off Event in June, Cologne

Eco-driving means optimising driving performance for a safer, more economical and environmentally-friendly driving. The ACTUATE project aims to help optimising the driving performance for vehicles in the public transport sector that are considered clean (such as hybrid buses, trams, trolleybuses with or without supercaps). ACTUATE offically started on 1 May 2012 and runs for 30 months spending its total budget of about 1.6 mln Euro for the provision of a range of information material on safe eco-driving of electric bus and tram fleets. This includes a starter kit as well as free e-learning courses for safe eco-driving for the four defined types of electric vehicles. ACTUATE will also develop dedicated driver training concepts for trams, trolleybuses, hybrid buses and trolleybuses with supercapacitors as well as "golden rules" for safe eco-driving in general.The picture shows representatives of all nine project partners during the project's kick-off meeting on 4 and 5 June 2012 in Cologne, Germany.[more]


ACTUATE - Advanced Training and Education for Safe Eco-driving of Clean Vehicles

Intelligent Energy Europe STEER Programme Studies show that eco-driving has the potential to make bus and tram fleets more energy efficient. The ACTUATE project will therefore develop and apply advanced training and education services for eco-driving of clean vehicles in the electric public transport sector. By supporting the introduction of safe eco-driving trainings, ACTUATE further exploits the additional energy-saving potential of clean vehicles such as trams, hybrid buses, trolleybuses and e-buses which will further promote their take-up. ACTUATE’s trainings will complement existing eco-driving forces that primarily focus on diesel-powered vehicles. The project lays a particular focus on drivers as they are the pivotal element for better driving performance and energy saving. Encouragement campaigns will ensure that the drivers continue to apply the instructions provided in the trainings in the long term. ACTUATE is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe's STEER Programme.Project GoalEco-driving is driving that optimises energy use and contributes significantly to emission reduction as promoted by the European Commission. Identifying and reducing inefficient driving...[more]

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