ACTUATE - Pokročilé školení a vzdělávání řidičů pro bezpečné, ekonomické a ekologické řízení tramvají, hybridních autobusů a trolejbusů.

Projekt ACTUATE probíhal od května 2012 do ledna 2015 a byl kofinancován ze zdrojů Evropské unie. Cílem projektu ACTUATE bylo snížení energetické náročnosti tramvají, trolejbusů a hybridních autobusů tím, že jsou řidiči těchto trakcí speciálně proškoleni na techniku bezpečné a hospodárné jízdy (tzv. ecodriving).
Ačkoliv projekt ACTUATE skončil, na těchto webových stránkách v sekci „Výstupy projektu“ si můžete stáhnout velké množství materiálů; od základních informací o projektu, přes podklady ke školení a dokumenty o podpůrných motivačních kampaních až po závěrečnou zprávu projektu ACTUATE.
Všechny výše uvedené materiály mohou pomoci dopravním podnikům, aby si mohly proškolit své řidiče tramvají, trolejbusů a hybridních autobusů na bezpečnou a hospodárnou jízdu moderními a osvědčenými metodami.

Pro další informace o projektu se prosím obraťte na koordinátora projektu ACTUATE, viz sekce „Kontaky“.

Poslední novinky


First Train-the-Trainer Workshop on eco-driving for tram driving instructors was held in Leipzig

On the 22nd of May, Leipziger Aus- und Weiterbildungsbetriebe (LAB) and Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) organised the first Train-the-Trainer Workshop on eco-driving for tram driving instructors in Leipzig. After the Train-the-Trainer Workshop on eco-driving for trolleybus driving instructors in Salzburg, the event was the second of its kind for ACTUATE.   The event was organised...[více]


Study at TU Berlin shows how driving simulators allow professional drivers to safely and effectively learn eco-driving skills, enabling up to 30% of fuel savings!

The Technische Universität Berlin and the SiFaT Roadsafety GmbH recently conducted a case study and associated training exercise for 15 professional truck drivers. The goal was to evaluate whether smart eco-driving skills could also be taught “off road” and in a simulator. The simulated environment obviously offers a wide range of advantages, as it allows the participants to learn the new methods...[více]


ACTUATE in-house campaigns started in Brno

Since the end of April in-house campaign - competition have already started for 10 selected t-bus drivers. We are convinced that the real example representing by these 10 drivers will motive the others to be better and to improve their driving style. This is a pilot project where we would like to show, that training and self – improving is require by our company. There is small deviation from...[více]


Eco-driving and more comfort for all passengers in Bochum thanks to IT driving assitance

Since February 2013, the public transport company of the German city of Bochum (BOGESTRA) has successfully used an IT-driving-assistance system to support drivers in driving eco- friendly. The MiX RIBAS® system developed by the German automotive and telematics company Kienzle was first implemented by BOGESTRA as part of a pilot project to promote regional cooperation in the Ruhr area. It was...[více]


Daimler Predictive Powertrain Control systems for Omnibuses

 Energy savings can be reached not only through training programmes targeting professional drivers, but the industry research is developing more advanced and optimized driver assistance support systems which hold the potential to support drivers in reducing fuel consumption. With their recently launched Predictive Powertrain Control for Omnibuses, Daimler Buses takes a step further towards...[více]


First “Train the Trainers” workshop on eco-driving of trolleybuses was held in Salzburg

The workshop took place in Salzburg on 7 May 2014 and trainers  from the trolleybus companies from  Linz (AT), Esslingen, Solingen and Eberswalde (all DE) were invited to Salzburg for further education and information exchange. The knowledge exchange primarily focused on: Explanation and background information for the development of the training programme and the training materials on...[více]


Motivation campaign on daily eco-driving for bus and tram drivers in Salzburg and Leipzig

„Why should I eco-drive?“ since it brings no added-value, is the most common prejudice of professional drivers in daily traffic situations. To address this and other prejudices, striking in-house campaigns were initiated. A series of posters was designed confronting the drivers with prejudices, which had been collected through the feedback questionnaires after the eco-driving training sessions...[více]

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