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Dear clean vehicle community!

The ACTUATE project ended in January 2015 and the training programmes were tested with more than 1.500 drivers at the public transport operators in Salzburg (Austria, trolleybus), Leipzig (Germany, tram and hybrid bus), Eberswalde (Germany, trolleybus), Parma (Italy, trolleybus) and Brno (Czech Republic, tram and trolleybus). And results of the ACTUATE trainings show that safe eco-driving has the potential to increase the energy-efficiency of bus and tram fleets by 3% to 6% in daily operation.

But an economical driving style means not only the actual saving of fuel, respectively energy! read more

In order to ensure long lasting benefits and to secure a successful know-how transfer about safe eco-driving, the ACTUATE project partners have established an e-learning module, which contains general information as well as all of the latest data. The use of this module is free of charge and therefore represents an ideal starting point for any other public transport operator hoping to introduce eco-driving training sessions. Please visit this link!

Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the high quality and practical value of the eco-driving training sessions in the ACTUATE partner companies, a convenient “starter kit” will now be available, in order to allow any other interested trolleybus, tram or hybrid bus operators to successfully introduce eco-driving in their cities!


You will find all training materials as file downloads under outputs!

If we have made you curious and you would like to request a complimentary starter kit, please contact Alexandra Scharzenberger from trolley:motion.
The free kit will include a USB-stick with all training materials, advertising posters, a “lessons learned” brochure (only available in English), practical give-aways and a project flyer. Please inform us, which would be your preferred language version.

We would be happy to hear from you and support you in introducing eco-driving in your city! In case of additional interest you may also contact the project coordinator Wolfgang Backhaus from Rupprecht Consult!


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