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Wiener Linien: 17% less energy consumption

Vienna: The local public transport operator Wiener Linien has succeeded in reducing its energy consumption by 17%! A new study compiled by TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) on behalf of the municipal utilities company Wiener Stadtwerke shows that between 2005 and 2012 these significant energy savings were successfully achieved. Per passenger journey by subway, tramway or bus, Wiener Linien now only needs 0.55 instead of 0.66 kilowatt hours.

Effective measures for energy efficiency

For several years already, Wiener Linien has been implementing innovative and effective energy saving solutions, which are either simple or sophisticated in scope. Thanks to regenerative braking, all subway and tramway vehicles put energy back into the grid, whenever the drivers apply the brakes. New eco-driving techniques on the ULF type low-floor trams have also resulted in significant energy savings, as the staff has been methodically trained to accelerate less suddenly and thereby use less electricity. On the subway vehicles, newly installed computer software automatically regulates the speed according to the timetable and thereby helps optimize performance and power usage. Also energy-efficient LED lighting in vehicles and at stations has helped the cause.

The urban bus fleet in Vienna is presently undergoing a major fleet renewal and technical upgrade process, and the new environmentally-friendly Mercedes buses are expected to have a big impact on “green” operations as soon as they start running in large numbers. Their introduction to revenue service started in early 2014. Additionally, Wiener Linien has invested into research and development with regards to air-conditioning units on trams. As air con systems often are essential for passenger comfort during the summer, but in turn also consume considerable amounts of energy, Wiener Linien has sought to find the ideal balance between comfort and energy efficiency. Initial research results show that up to 13% of energy savings are possible, through certain adjustments to air-conditioning systems.

More environmentally friendly than automotive traffic
Compared to any private car, a subway requires 28 times less energy. Because all of Vienna’s subways, trams and 12 e-buses run on clean and green energy, all of these public transport vehicles operate completely emissions-free. Thereby the city’s CO2 exhaust is considerably reduced and the local air is cleaner and healthier. These benchmarks also help contribute to the renowned quality of life in Vienna.

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