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A pilot project of assisted fuel efficient driving in regional rail transport

Driver Advisory Systems (DAS) are shortterm solution to reduce fuel consumption of diesel-hauled trains. The system "InLine-FAS" was successfully tested on the regional network of Veolia Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH. The articles describes the data requirements for such a test and the operational setting under which the system was applied. The pilot was carried out without the need to access interfaces ot the vehicles control syste using a Smartphone with integrated GPS positioning module. The obtained  saving approximately 5% measured at the fuel station has convinced the railway undertaking to use the DAS in regular operations as a module of their existing traffic management and controll system.

Article EI= Eisenbahningenieur September 2012 from

Dr.- Ing. Thomas Albrecht, TU Dresden, Fakultät Verkehrswissenschaften "Friedrich List"

Dipl. Phys. Matthias Pathe, Projektleiter Interautomation Deutschland GmbH, Berlin


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