27.11.13 16:01 Wiek: 11 years

Thousands of litres of gas saved by Bottrop’s garbage collection trucks

Bottrop’s municipal waste management and city cleaning company (BEST) is now using a driver assistance system in 42 vehicles now. The systems alerts the driver if fuel consumption rises above a predetermined threshold. Thereby BEST not only intends to significantly cut down fuel consumption but also to make a positive contribution to the protection of the environment.

Once the systems are installed and running they will save some thousand liters of diesel each year. With the support of the electronic system BEST drivers are expected to adopt a driving style that optimizes fuel consumption and tear and wear of the vehicle

42 vehicles will be equipped with the new driver assistance system, which constitute about 60 percent of BEST’s fleet of garbage collection trucks. “We won’t equip all of vehicles with the new assistance system since some of our vehicles are just too old. Equipping them with this new technology just does not make sense”, says BEST board member Uwe Wolters.

Positive contribution environmental protection

BEST expects to recoup the investment costs for the electronic driver assistance system in just one year. A six month test run has already produced promising results: more than 1000 liters of diesel were saved by equipping two garbage collection trucks, a big and small road-sweeper and a medium sized transport vehicle with the new technology.

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