29.08.14 12:09 Età: 10 years

Our drivers have an environmentally-friendly foot!

The public transport operator Trasporti Pubblici Parma (TEP) in Italy has developed a brand-new image campaign in order to promote the recent education program and training sessions which the staff members of the company completed. All drivers were trained on the concepts and actual techniques of energy-efficient driving, the reduction of energy consumption in public transportation and the enhancement of passenger comfort. Based on recent customer surveys and operational observations in Parma, it seems that both measures have already proven successful! 84% of passengers have stated that they would accept a slightly longer journey time in order to ensure an energy-efficient ride, while 74% of travelers generally find energy savings and environmental sustainability important!

  • TEP promotes training sessions and education for a driving style that respects the environment
  • A correct driving style can reduce energy consumption as well as polluting emission
  • Our drivers attend training courses to improve their driving style
    “Come aboard! We are taking you towards a more sustainable future!”

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