02.08.13 10:48 Età: 11 years

Knowledge exchange on training concepts for safe eco-driving with PKT Gdynia

ACTUATE's project coordinator Rupprecht Consult visited Gdynia's public transport operator PKT to exchange knowledge on safe eco-driving training concepts for trolleybuses. PKT Gdynia, an associated partner of the ACTUATE project, is introducing safe eco-driving trainings for their trolleybus drivers as part of a wider modernisation strategy.

Already, PKT has installed technical equipment to measure the energy consumption of single vehicles/ drivers and at power substations. The data, which has been collected over one year so far, will be analysed and in a second step used to localise sectors of Gdynia's trolleybus network with above average energy consumption. By using the on-board cameras of their trolleybuses, PKT will then produce educational video clips that help their drivers to apply safe  eco-driving techniques for precisely these sectors and routes.

PKT Gdynia and the ACTUATE consortium will deepen this knowledge exchange with regard to the evaluation results and impact of the eco-driving trainings at a later stage of the project. PKT Gdynia also supports the ACTUATE project by reviewing the Polish language version of the training materials for safe eco-driving of trolleybuses.

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