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DPMB organized international contest in tram driving including eco-driving

Mr. Vlastimil Smetana from Prague PT Company won the Individual category. The prices including ACTUATE certificate for the best eco-driver were adwarded by Mr. Miloš Havránek, DPMB general director and Mr. Josef Buchta, head of Brno rail department.

On 19th and 20th September, during European mobility week, 18 drivers from 6 Czech public transport companies and 6 drivers from Bratislava and Košice participated in international tram drivers contest. This traditional international competition has been taking place since 1994.
There were two categories for evaluation:
1.    Individual category
2.    Team category with mix team

First part of the competition was dedicated to test the participants’ knowledge about rail rules. As there are some differences in national rail rules, there were two test versions, one for Czech competitors and second one for the Slovaks. The tests were corrected by colleagues from the DPMB Educational department.
Then each participant had to pass practical part of the competition, the goal was to overcome all obstacles situated around tram depot as fast as possible. There were following tasks to complete:
1.    drive through the narrow aisle,
2.    stop the tram on exact place,
3.    reverse the tram in order to couple the tram with another one,
4.    control the speed when going thought switches,
5.    practice eco-driving when possible.

All participants were ranked on final scoreboard depending on their test result and time from practical part.
In team category won the DPMB team. On the second rang was the team from Liberec. The third team was PT Ostrava’s team.

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