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Solaris participates in Salzburg AG led training session in Gdynia

In late January, Salzburg AG hosted a "train the trainers" workshop on eco-driving in Gdynia, Poland. Representatives and operations managers from the three Polish trolleybus networks in Gydnia, Tychy and Lublin attended, as did an engineer from the bus manufacturer Solaris in Poznan. For the workshop leader from Salzburg AG, the key mission was to provide the Polish colleagues with information on the lessons learned and insights gained during the eco-driving training sessions that were previously organized in Salzburg.

For the Solaris engineer, the main interest centered on learning first-hand from bus operators, what possible vehicle features or technical innovations could be installed in new-build buses and future generations of trolleys, so as to maximize energy-saving potential straight off of the production line. The Solaris engineer also sought to learn where further industrial research and development will be necessary, in order to produce and install "green" bus features, which will help make urban transport even more sustainable.

During the practical part of the training session, an eco-driving demonstration run by the Austrian instructor proved that energy consumption on a fixed route could be lowered from 11 to 9 kWh. In daily operations, the application of eco-driving techniques should help save at least 7% of energy on a consistent

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