14.05.14 16:30 Alter: 10 Jahre

Motivation campaign on daily eco-driving for bus and tram drivers in Salzburg and Leipzig

„Why should I eco-drive?“ since it brings no added-value, is the most common prejudice of professional drivers in daily traffic situations. To address this and other prejudices, striking in-house campaigns were initiated. A series of posters was designed confronting the drivers with prejudices, which had been collected through the feedback questionnaires after the eco-driving training sessions with trolleybus, tram and hybrid bus drivers in Salzburg and Leipzig. The posters will be adapted by the ACTUATE partners from Brno (DPMB), T.E.P. Parma and Eberswalde (BBG) and can be used free of charge by external companies, too. The designed posters show meaningful arguments to motivate driving in an energy-saving manner.

  • „Aren‘t the trams/buses already green enough?“
  • „Energy-efficient driving extends journey times!“
  • Taking your foot from the accelerator? That won’t make a difference!“(On hybrid buses)
  • „The passengers won’t notice any of this!“

The poster campaign is part of a range of activities of ACTUATE’s motivational in-house campaigns to sustain the learning effects of the already implemented eco-driving training sessions. In case you are interested in the poster templates, please feel free to contact ACTUATE’s dissemination manager Ms Alexandra Scharzenberger (scharzenberger@trolleymotion.com).


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