18.07.13 10:50 Age: 11 years

Motivational in-house campaigns to be rolled out soon

In order to support their introduction of safe eco-driving trainings and in order to motivate drivers to apply and retain their newly acquired eco-driving skills, all ACTUATE partners are currently designing motivational in-house campaigns. Every campaign will be tailored to meet specific local requirements.

Leipzig for example the idea is to implement a bonus scheme for LVB drivers. By applying their eco-driving skills in practice, drivers will be able to collect points which in turn can be exchanged for incentives. The exact scheme of the bonus programme is being developed at this moment. ACTUATE partner BBG will – together with the participating drivers – jointly develop a benchmark goal regarding energy savings (e.g. 5 per cent less energy consumption). The commonly agreed goal will then be the central aspect of internal team competitions with well performing teams being able to win rewards. All other ACTUATE partners are also working with incentives and competitions to make sure their safe eco-driving trainings will have a long lasting effect. Currently all in-house campaigns are being finalised and will be rolled-out soon.

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